Important was written on June 3rd, 2019 at Carriage House Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Writing and composition

The lyrics were written by Rachel West and Robin Schorr and the music was written by Tadjh Brooks. Tadjh worked on recording acoustic guitars for the song while Rachel and Robin brainstormed song lyrics. Rachel and Robin’s conversation can be heard in the background of the song as their voices ended up bleeding into the Shure SM57 microphone while recording the guitars. Rachel’s lead vocal was recorded in one take as it was meant to be a demo vocal. The vocals were set to be re-recorded during a later vocal session but the new vocals were ultimately scrapped as the demo vocal delivery was impossible to recapture. The demo vocal ultimately made the final version of the song.

Cover Art

The cover art was photographed by Faith Ballin. Nicole Davis designed the cover art by editing the original photo and adding additional graphics and typography. An animated version of the cover art was also created by Nicole Davis.

Music Video

The music was filmed on December 14th, 2019 at Dystopian Studios, Studio II in the Brewery Arts Complex. The music video stars Laila W. The music video was Directed by Tadjh Brooks & Leo Lungaro. Ross Willet acted as Director of Photography. The finger puppet costumes were designed by Kathy Teague. Robin Schorr makes a cameo appearance a the school teacher. Rachel West’s index finger was used for the finger puppet scenes. The music video premiered on February 5th, 2021.